Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wikiseat Project: Chair Design Journal Assignment #1 - What's the Problem?

by Sean Wheeler

For this journal assignment, I'd like you to write a paragraph that takes into consideration the following questions:
- Where do you envision your chair being used? (ex.  Is it an outdoor chair?  Does it have to fit in with the decor of your bedroom?  Will this chair be used everyday, or just once in awhile?)
- Who will use your chair? (A kid?  You?  A specific person?)
- What problem do you hope to solve with your chair?  (We know a chair is for sitting, but what, specifically, does your chair do that would be useful.  Essentially, I want to know the specific function of your specific chair.)

"Have you ever got that feeling that you just want to sit in a chair and chill with your favorite music? Or when you have to do home work and you just want to listen to something to get your mind off of the boring work, and want to lay down because you had a rough day. Well that’s my problem. So I’m going to do something about my problem for me and others that have same problem as me. I will make a chair that you can listen to your favorite tunes in and not just for sitting but laying down in also. This chair has speakers that you can hook onto your iPod, iPhone, and cell phone. The laying down part of the chair is that you can fold it back from a chair to a bed.
- Chris

"My room is going to be remodled as an arabian genie in a lamp theme and I need a chair that will complement my new room. I don't have any seating other than a rocking chair that not only does not go with my theme, but it is also very uncomfortable to sit in and I use it more as clothing rack than a source of seating. My colors for the room are fuschia, aquamarine, bright orange, and gold accents."
- Kali

"My room has alot of collages on my walls. There is one empty space in my room and it would be the perfect place to watch tv comfortaby in my room. there is not a good space to watch tv in my room right now because it hurts my neck to look at the tv for too long in my bed.

I think it would be really cool if I made a collage chair to fit the empty space. It would match my room perfectly. I would make sure that it is very comfortable, and will have a foot rest with padding. I also like the idea of a collage made out fabric, like a quilt pattern on my chair, that way it would be a very comfortable place to sit in my room. I also like the idea of using parts and pieces of old bikes.

I can picture this as the perfect place to watch tv, and I won't have to watch tv in the living room with my parents anymore, because I will be perfectly comfortable in my room, and my neck won't hurt anymore. Also, my room will no longer have an annoying empty corner anymore." 
- Courtney
"I want my chair to solve problems that others may have. Lots of chairs seem to hurt people’s backs, or strain their legs, so I thought of a more curved chair to make things a bit more comfortable. I also found that armrests seem to be nice also, so I will try to put that in with my chair. Chairs are almost everywhere you go, from in the park, to in your bedroom. I would like my chair to be located in someone’s living room where it would be used the most often. Not only are chairs everywhere, but on top of that, they have their own textures and colors, from leather to wood. They can match, but they don’t have to. I think that if a chair matches everything else that it is around, it just adds to the room, where if you have a chair that does not fit the room at all, it may make the room look bad, because of that one thing which stands out. I would like my chair to be the one that fits in best."
- Andrew

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