Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Project Based Small Group Learning

By Foyn McDevitt

I wanted my class to start out by understanding what we were going to be about this year, project based small group learning. This statement usually comes with groans of agony by 9th grade students. They have been burnt by group members doing little work but reaping the benefits. Well our project based small group work is done a little differently than they may be used to doing.. Each member has his or her part. Together they must coordinate their work with the other group members work. This way every member has a part. If someone is not working then I can help and get that person on task, with the assistance of the group. If one person chooses to do substandard work, then they receive the lower grade. The group will lose no more than ten percent of the total grade due to one person not working. This still shows the group must work together and also stops the group that says “no one will work in the group but me”.  One person may choose not to communicate with the other members because it is easier to go solo, but if they lose ten percent they could still get points but their own actions will  lose credit. I am trying to teach them the importance of learning together. The different points of view will help you understand your opinion on a subject is not the only opinion. Others have a say and it may be different but their view is just as valid.

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