Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sisyphus Making Waves

by Sean Wheeler

Resistance is a natural response to change, and all too often working in education reform, that resistance takes a toll on those of us pushing for it.  It's tough to walk down the hallways and look in classrooms that have teachers barricaded behind their desks giving orders for search-and-destroy worksheets, knowing full well that the very same teachers will block your every move and cast every nearby stone at the afternoon's department meeting.  It's draining to have your head in all of this new information about teaching and learning and then have to explain it to everyone who asks what is so special about your classroom.  It's lonely, it's frustrating, and it's consuming.

At times, Sisyphus looks like he had it easy.

Whiny enough?  While those feelings are very real, they're also self-defeating.  Sisyphus was doomed, we're not.  I'm learning that change will never happen because I made it happen.  It will occur only when we get together online, in public, and at school, to each chip away with the same tools, ideas, and solutions wherever we are.  While tidal waves happen once in awhile, it's rarely a single wave that changes the landscape.  Sure, we all get flack for creating waves, and it is taxing, but let's not forget that making waves is part of something bigger; erosion.  As I connect with more and more educators, I'm certain that I'm beginning to see a new shoreline.

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  1. #9 Tao Te Ching "Do your work then step back.
    The only path to serenity."