Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are You Ready For This?

Reading Shawn Cornally's post Just Throwing This Out There:  ThThTh's School for the Boredom-Averse I was reminded of an Educon 2.5 session with Will Richardson earlier in the week.  In the  session titled "Why School?", Will asked us to come up with "95 Theses" reflecting the world of contemporary learning and schooling.  We, along with Andrew Coy from Digital Harbor Foundation, came up with the following list:

  • Learn how to learn.  Learn to love learning
    • No more lesser motivations
  • Learning should happen all the time
    • No more division between school and life
  • School work should be real work
    • No more solving problems that have been solved already
  • Anyone can be a content expert
    • No more single point of knowledge and structural hierarchy
  • Information is everywhere and infinitely abundant
    • Curation is something you do, not something done to you
  • Your audience is as big as your network
    • No more handing work in to a teacher only
  • Evaluation is a conversation and should be based on worth to others
    • No more grades
  • Bring the common back to the classroom
    • No more absolute teacher control
  • Learning is no longer location-based
    • No more wall, excuses, or smells
  • Learning is exhausting
    • No more complaining
  • Time in non-linear and accessible
    • Nothing worth doing stops because the clock moves
  • Engagement is control
    • No more behavior management tricks
  • Learning is on-demand and anyone can demand it anytime
    • No more waiting to learn
  • Age is irrelevant
    • No more predicting graduation year based on your date of birth
  • Teachers:  If you are not curious, find something else to do
    • No more coasting on when you used to learn
  • Teachers:  You teach students, not subjects
    • No more subjects

Is this really too good to be true?

 We're in.  Are you?

-Ken Kozar

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